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Enhanced CD

tracks: 2,3,6,7,8,10 & 12
from the 2001 production

tracks: 1,4,5,9,11,13 & 14
from the 2002 production

tracks 4,5 & 9 are also included as quicktime movies on the CD

Jesus Has Two Mommies Soundtrack
1. Floating Away
Faith Soloway & The Cast
2. Meet Your Maker (play mp3)
Merle Perkins with Sean Staples & Seth Bodie
3. You Must Be (play mp3)
Catie Curtis & Jennifer Kimball
4. Burnin' Bush (play mp3)
Merle Perkins, Catie Curtis, Jennifer Kimball & Meghan Toohey
5. Lesbian Hairstyles (play quicktime movie)
Faith Soloway
6. Fabulous New Wings (play mp3)
Seth Bodie & The Cast
7. Svetlana (play mp3)
Faith Soloway & Christine Cannavo
8. Fuck With Freud (play mp3)
Jim Infantino & Margie Zohn
9. Our Son Jesus
Catie Curtis & Jennifer Kimball
10. Mama's Boy / Yes I Have Two Mommies (play mp3)
Jabe Beyer, Ry Cavanaugh, Sean Staples & The Cast
11. I Know what I Must Do
Performed by Faith Soloway, Merle Perkins & Sean Staples
12. Ovia and Cap'n (play mp3)
Performed by Faith Soloway & Meghan Toohey
13. Let The Darkness In
Performed by Meghan Toohey, Merle Perkins & Seth Bodie
14. You Must Be (reprise) / Finale
Faith Soloway, Merle Perkins & The Cast
Miss Folk America Cover Art
Miss Folk America Soundtrack
1. Risin' Up
Performed by The Girls
2. New Kid in Town
Performed by Meghan Toohey
3. I Sure Look A Lot Like Me (play quicktime movie)
Performed by The Girls
4. Queer in Revere (play mp3)
Performed by Faith Soloway
5. Nasty Hoe-Down
Performed by Kris Delmhorst
6. Cleaning the Doodie
Performed by Jennifer Kimball
7. Tribute to African American Women Folk Stars
Performed by Merle Perkins & The Girls
8 Washin' My Hands
Performed by Mary Gauthier
9 Chipmonk
Performed by Catie Curtis & Merle Perkins
10. 1999's Final Walk
Performed by Lori McKenna
11. Oy!
Performed by Ry Cavanaugh, Jim Rader & Sean Staples
12. Miss Folk America (Lay Your Head Down Tonight)
Performed by Merle Perkins & The Cast
training wheels cover art
Training Wheels
1. Chicago
2. She Just Works There (play mp3)
3. Crazy People
4. Jesus on Gower
5. Lezbo Song

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